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Adopting a Friend

Siamese cats are a very unique and challenging breed. They are highly intelligent and affectionate, but can be demanding in terms of their need for human attention and entertainment. If left to their own devices, they can be rather creative in their amusements, perhaps to their owners' distress!

For all cat owners, we highly recommend the book Good Owners, Great Cats by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. Even if you've had cats all your life, the ideas in this book can help start off your new adoptee on the right paw, assist you in avoiding or alleviating problems, and enable you to enjoy your cat more!

If you have never owned a Siamese cat before, we recommend that you read about the breed. There are many books available at your local library or bookshop, or you can try one of these:

Guide to Owning Siamese by Brenda Yule
A Kid's Cat Library Siamese Cats by Jennifer Quasha
Step By Step Siamese by Marge Naples
Step By Step Siamese by Marge Naples
The Siamese Cat by Joanne Mattern
All About Siamese Cats by Barbara S. Burns
Caring for Siamese by Juliet Seymour
Siamese Cats by Lynne Stone
Siamese Cats by Dimare Spiotta
Siamese Cats by Ron Reagan
Siamese Cats by Mary Dunhill
Siamese Cats by Stuart A. Kallen

Apply to NYC Siamese Rescue

Please fill out an application form if you're considering adopting one of our wonderful Siamese cats. It takes some time to process, so please don't wait for a particular kitty to be ready. They might be scooped up by an already approved adopter!

Our apologies if you have difficulty downloading the form; let us know if that happens!
Please try to keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

How the NYC Siamese Adoption Process Works

Here are the details on how we work with you to get you what we hope to be your "perfect meezer companion":

First we need you to fill out the application, have your veterinarian complete the veterinarian reference form, and your landlord sign the landlord letter.
Please provide us with your email address if at all possible! We are a tiny group of volunteers who often work late into the night or before most folks' days begin to get everything done, so we can communicate with you better using email than the telephone.
All applications can to be faxed to us at 646-349-3644, or mailed to us at NYC Siamese Rescue, P.O. Box 1602, Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163 and we will process them. Faxing is quicker and easier for us. But, neither fax nor post are 100% reliable, so please let us know if you sent an application and have not heard back from us!
We will call your references and conduct a phone interview with you.
After your approval, we can set up a time that you come see the available cats. If a cat you are interested in has been adopted, please don't dismay; we have many others we can show you. One of our volunteers will act as your primary contact for any specific questions you might have.
You should communicate to us when you are ready to commit to a particular cat. They are available for any approved adopter until the director has confirmed they're going home to you. Committing means you are ready to sign the adoption contract and take this individual home, even if the transportation logistics are not yet known. Not all cats are suitable to every home, so the director has the final say as to whether you may adopt a particular cat. It's important to be clear about your decision, as we will turn away other applicants once the cat is pending to you. If you later change your mind, the poor kitty will have missed out on going home with someone!
Siamese cats need a great deal of mental stimulation, so it's usually best for them to go home with a second cat or other companion animal. Studies have shown that two pets in a household seem to live longer, healthier, and presumably happier lives.
A few meezers really have to be "only" cats. It seems that most these sad "only-s" were adopted as tiny kittens (under 12 weeks) and raised in isolation away from other cats, losing their ability to communicate with their own species and even developing ailurophobia!
Siamese are not only ancient as a breed; a well-cared-for meezer can live in excess of 20 years. We ask that you keep this in mind when you adopt.
The adoption fee for each cat is $175.00. This helps to pay the cost for your cat's pre-adoptive spay/neuter surgery, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, testing for contagious diseases, and boarding until adopted. This fee does not actually cover all of the costs, which average $500 per cat, but the difference is made up by donations from our supporters. You will get the veterinary records for the cat upon adopting. Please keep these in a safe place, and give a copy to your own vet.
If you have not had your own cat or other pet before, and so you lack a vet reference, please give us the name, address, and phone of the veterinarian who will be taking care of your new cat, and note that this is a your first vet-to-be on your form. We may ask for an additional personal reference in lieu of the veterinary reference.
What sort of personal references should you give? The best ones are not relatives but close personal friends who have known you for years, visited your home, and seen your current or previous animals. A friend whose animals you have met yourself is another good reference. Someone who will reliably answer or return phone calls and/or emails is important, too. It's happened that we can't approve someone because we can't reach any of their friends. We will try to let you know if this happens, so you can provide alternative contacts.

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